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Mosaico Margarita $14

“Mosaico’s Signature” Tequila, blue curaçao, orange liqueur, lime juice

Brickell Mojito $14

“Fresh Miami Vibes” White rum, sugar, fresh lime, mint, soda

Island Sangria $14

“Fruit Mosaic” Red or white wine, agave, orange liqueur, citric soda, fruits

Smoked Negroni $14

“An Intriguing Mix” Gin, Campari, sweet vermouth, orange peel, smoked

Smoked Old Fashioned $14

“Charred & Smoked” Bourbon, charred orange rind, bitters, cherries, smoked

Mystic Mezcal $14

“Smoky Essence & Spices” Mezcal, cardamom syrup, smoked

Litchi Lumiére $14

“An Exotic Flair” Vodka, litchi purée, lime juice, garnished with litchi

Carlitos Guava Mule $14

“Tropical Refreshment” Vodka, guava, ginger beer, fresh lime juice

Tia Jackie’s Cosmo $14

“Sultry & Sweet” Vodka, orange liqueur, cranberry and lemon juice

Caribbean Piña Colada $14

“A Creamy Dream” White rum, cream of coconut, pineapple and lime juice

Espresso Martini $14

“Wake up to Flavor” Vodka, espresso coffee, Kahlúa, Baileys

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