Chef Andres exemplifies leadership, professionalism, quality and above all, love for cooking, through each of his dishes. This is thanks to his extensive global experience, working with great Chefs from different countries. 

His trajectory begins with an impeccable academic formation. From the Culinary/Kitchen MGMT Training at the Le Parker Meridian Hotel, NY, to the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan. However, his vast knowledge was catapulted thanks to the various places where he has collaborated, being precisely the Le Parker Meridian Hotel where he had his first opportunity as sous chef, for 7 years, under the leadership and knowledge of Chef Claude Pasdelupe and Christian Deluverie.

Later he was called to be the Head Chef in a successful restaurant in Venezuela called Mostaza, where he had the freedom, thanks to his great ability, to develop the concept from scratch. A fusion of Mediterranean cuisine with the traditional Venezuelan diet resulted in his presence for 5 years in that restaurant. 

From 2002 to 2009, Chef Andres was the Executive Chef of Caffe Abbracci in Florida, whose annual sales remained above $6 million. Staying in Coral Gables, he was called upon by the Fish Shack Restaurant to imprint his extensive knowledge of seafood for two years. 

His success on the East Coast of the United States led him to be called by several large restaurants where he was Chef de Cuisine such as Emilio's Trattoria, SAWA Restaurant & Lounge (Fusion of Mediterranean flavors and Japanese food), La Dorada Restaurant (Fusion of Mediterranean and Spain), The Summer House and Nantucket Yacht Club, in Massachusetts. 


Andres is a chef who, thanks to his past, his present is totally inspiring. He is a figure of the contemporary culinary scene who, with his professional development, has been able to highlight the authenticity of the flavors in his gastronomic proposal, always using fresh and innovative products, based on his great knowledge of Mediterranean cuisine, specializing in seafood, Italian, French, Spanish, Caribbean and continental food. 

Andres is a chef commonly called ambassador of world cuisine. His trajectory is imprinted in each of his original dishes that achieve a perfect combination of flavors. At Mosaico Kitchen + Bar, we feel very fortunate to have this great character in our work team. 


About the Chef Andres Revoredo

Miami's culinary heritage, blending flavors from the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and a hint of international richness, comes to life in this warm and passionate approach to traditional cuisine. Mosaico's menu offers a wide variety of fresh flavors, typical of these great cultures, in dishes that make up a broad and diverse panorama of a cuisine as finely prepared as it is exquisite.

But who is the master behind this indulgent menu? Mosaico is proud to have the splendid Chef Andres Revoredo. Born in Cuba, in the city of Havana. He’ s fluent in English, Spanish, French, Italian and some 

Portuguese; thanks to his worldwide search for flavors throughout the world. 

He has had a love for the food industry since he was a child, coming from a family that for generations were restaurateurs. This passion has been reflected in his 25 years of experience in professional cooking and kitchen management.

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